There is a force within our world. It slumbers deep within the Earth. It is the place from whence our most extraordinary aspects of life on the planet: creativity, ingenuity, love, drive, and so many more; come. Its warmth ripples up and through the creatures of the world, manifesting mostly in the little ways we get better and stay better. Occassionally, it shimmers a bit more to make the rare prodigies. This process of silent channeling goes on without notice from people, with the exceptions of some of these prodigies, some of whom have used this power to shape destiny.

Unbeknownst to even some of these individuals is just how special this force makes Earth, and that it is coveted. Long ago, the M’ior felt a similar light dwindle within their world as their predecessors had squandered it. They’ve slipped through the twilight between worlds and found a new place to feed. Most people couldn’t know about this slow infiltation any more than they could know about the boon hidden beyond their sight, but the M’ior are trying to get to a new power like the one that spawned them so long ago.

Your character woke up today without a thing out of place, blissfully unaware of any of this. However, the talents that you’ve taken for granted are going to have to find application in the fight for the very essence of the Earth.

This is going to be a game run in the Chaosium Basic Roleplaying System (BRS). A heavy storytelling and roleplaying focus is part of the system, and it is rather uncluttered and simple to learn. The maximum age for characters in this game is going to be sixteen, but I’ve scaled abilities to match a level of extreme talent.

I’ll be allowing the use of psychic powers, and possibly also magic/sorcery. If neither of those definitions of talent would suit you as a player, you might want to be a tech-savvy kid who is good at making things or perhaps an adventure-hearted youngster who somehow has always been able to make things go more their way (through the method of fate alteration described in the core book) or maybe just an incredibly talented student. Also, since this is a modern, law-abiding setting, I’m encouraging the use of improvised weapons instead of typical weapons. The system allows for improvised objects as weapon proficiencies, so I’d be all for sports equipment or random household objects as preferred weapons. I’ll even be more than happy allowing a lot of point allocation to the specialty if it’s reflected in character background (baseball player, aspiring cook etc.)

Questions I’d like the player to answer about the character: 1.)What do you do after school? 2.)What do you want to be/do later in your life? 3.)Who’s somebody close to you that you look up to? 4.)What’s something you’re oddly sentimental about?

The train won’t be rolling on this project for a while, so this stuff is sort of to let the prospective players mull over. I’ll most likely be updating this page in the coming days to make it communicate better to my players. I love feedback, so go ahead and weigh in.

Gifts and Curses

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